Slow Tour of the Maremma by horse and wagon

Two days by covered wagon along the Etruscan roads and the Nature Park of the Maremma

Two day Maremma Wagon Tour

The Maremma, in southwestern Tuscany, is one of the great under-rated areas of interest in Tuscany. A huge area of pine forest, grazing land and salt marshes borders the sandy beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Some of Tuscany's best preserved Etruscan ruins are located in this area, along with coastal castles and fishing villages. The area is famous for its breed of cattle as well as an amazing variety of bird life, including large marine and estuarine species such as ospreys and flamingos.

We are able to offer this tour during the weekends of April, May, October and November.

The tour will include the Etruscan ruins at Vetulonia, the charming seaside town of Castiglione della Pescaia, the beach at Principina a Mare and the world-famous Parco dell'Uccellina bird sanctuary.

We will have lunches at evocative locations, plus time for visits to museums, unique natural environments and Etruscan ruins. Accommodation will be in agriturismi.